Success Story: St. Catharines, ON

Words by Tim Lee, photos at end.

The Meaning of Success.
ShortHills Cycling Club building trails in Short Hills Provincial Park.

noun \sək-ˈses\
a : degree or measure of succeeding
b : favourable or desired outcome; also : the attainment of wealth, favour, or eminence

What the ShortHills Cycling Club set out to accomplish in Short Hills Provincial Park can best be defined by the very meaning of success, a favourable or desired outcome.

With the help of IMBA Canada, the IMBA Trail Care Crew Canada, consisting of Deanne and Chad Lazaruk, Friends of Short Hills Park, the Niagara Bruce Trail Club and Ontario Parks the ShortHills Cycling Club has been able to have a very favourable and desired outcome with trails in the Park.

Volunteering over 550 hours, with an in-kind value of $11,000.00, completing over 400 meters of new sustainable trail, working with other local community groups and the support of Ontario Parks Staff is how the ShortHills Cycling Club can define our success within Short Hills Provincial Park.

How it all started...

• August 20, 2010 •

ShortHills Cycling Club (SHCC) starts discussing the possibilities of hosting an IMBA Trail Care Crew visit in 2011. Short Hills Provincial Park is selected as a possible location which is one of the few legal places to ride your mountain bike off road in Niagara.

• October 13, 2010 •

SHCC attends Friends of Short Hills Park General membership meeting to present a proposal for an IMBA TCC Visit for Short Hills Provincial Park. Meeting is held at St. John's Outdoor Study Centre. SHCC is granted permission to present the same proposal to Friends of Short Hills Park Board at their next meeting.

• October 25, 2010 •

Friends of Short Hills Park Board meeting proposal presentation at St. John's Outdoor Studies Centre. SHCC is given permission to submit application for IMBA TCC visit for Short Hills Provincial Park by Board and Park Staff.

• October 26, 2010 •

SHCC finalizes and submits formal application to IMBA Canada for a Trail Care Crew visit in the summer of 2011.

• February 23, 2011 •

SHCC notified by IMBA Canada of being selected for an IMBA TCC Visit for 2011. April 16th date has been selected by IMBA Canada for our visit.

• February 28, 2011 •

SHCC officially announces the 2011 IMBA TCC Visit and details for the April 16, 2011 visit.

• April 13, 2011 •

IMBA Trail Care Crew and SHCC attend Friends of Short Hills Park General membership meeting to give a presentation on the Trail Care Crew and to outline the trail work to be done in the park. The presentation is a huge success.

• April 14 & 15, 2011 •

With a weather forecast of rain and more rain for the Saturday's trail building session the IMBA TCC and SHCC Trails Committee decides to start work early on the pre-selected and approved section of Black Walnut Trail #2 (Phase One) in Short Hills Provincial Park. Trail work progresses with a small crew from the SHCC and IMBA TCC. The new section of trail is completed along with a showpiece regeneration of the adjacent old trail.

• April 16, 2011 •

SHCC hosts the 2011 IMBA TCC trail building school at St. John's Outdoor Study Centre with approximately 35 people in attendance. As predicted heavy rains cancels the outdoor trail building session and an extended class room session takes place.

• April 23, 2011 •

After a very rainy April the SHCC once again starts working on Phase Two of the Black Walnut Trail #2 reroute.

• June 3, 2011 •

SHCC completes Phase Two trail build and regeneration of lower old trail. Route for Phase Three proposed trail section is selected, grades checked and route is flagged for approval by Park Superintendant.

• June 23, 2011 •

SHCC is formally given permission to proceed with proposed Phase Three reroute by Park Superintendant.

• September 10, 2011 •

SHCC starts pin flagging and corridor clearing for reroute of trailhead in advance of scheduled build day of October 1st.

• October 1, 2011 •

SHCC hosts a Phase Three trail build day to reroute the original trailhead. Approximately 25 people in attendance from the ShortHills Cycling Club, Ontario Parks Staff, Friends of Short Hills Park, Niagara Bruce Trail Club and the general public. Phase Three of the Trail is completed and original trailhead is closed and section has been regenerated. Approximately 400 meters of new sustainable trail has replaced 200 meters of eroded and problematic trail. Over 550 volunteer hours have gone into this project to date.