Strategic Planning for Clubs and Chapters

Presented by: Patsy McEntee, National Park Service Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program; Andy Williamson, IMBA Great Lakes Region Director

Overview: Chapter leaders will learn how to form strategies to address the "big questions" to effectively carry out the chapter's mission. This session will cover best practices throughout the planning process, through the perspective of multiple user groups.

More Info:

Patsy McEntee's takeaways: The National Park Service offers the Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance (RTCA) program as a resource for grassroots advocacy gropups in the United States. Services include:

  • Strategic planning for organizations
  • RTCA does not typically focus on projects -- it's the organizations behind the projects that benefit
  • Key tools include collaborative planning, stakeholder analysis and third party facilitation

See the attachment "Best Practices for Strategic Planning" at the bottom of this page for additional details.

Andy Wiiliams takeways: Why plan?

  • To create order and focus for activities and programs
  • To ensure that activities and programs are alligned with on organization's mission
  • To create a common vision and expectations among board and committee members
  • To prioritize tasks and gain efficiencies

See the attachment "Strategic Planning for Chapters" at the bottom of this page for additional details.


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