Many IMBA programs are available to Canadian clubs, mountain bikers and resources management professionals. Learn more on the menu at the left.

Council Program

IMBA Canada is currently developing a new model of provincial representation for mountain bikers in Canada, called the Council Program. Currently in its infancy with a pilot model in BC, we are hoping to push the program out to the rest of Canada shortly. 

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IMBA Canada Trail Care Crew

The IMBA Canada Trail Care Crew travels across the country year round, educating trail users and land managers on sustainable trail design, construction and maintenance. Nearly each weekend the Crew conducts a workshop that includes classroom training, trail assessments, and actual trail construction and maintenance work.

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IMBA Model Trails

The Model Trails program, including Epics, Flow Trails, Gateway Trails, and Ride Centres spotlights places that exemplify what mountain biking looks like when it's done right.

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IMBA Canada's Sombrio Freeride Scholarship

The Sombrio Freeride Scholarship awards a free ride to a week-long summer bike camp in Whistler, BC to one young Canadian rider who embodies the spirit of freeride. 

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Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day

Help us get kids active and healthy by taking part in the Take a Kid Mountain Biking Project. Whether by planning an event, or just taking your kids out for a ride, we can all make this world a better place by moving our bodies and hitting the trails.

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Trail Planning and Design Services

Trail Solutions is IMBA Canada's professional trail consulting program, offering flexible, fee-based trail services that range from trail planning, design, and construction to education and problem solving.

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