Pedal Power FAQ for individual members and clubs

This list of frequently asked questions applies to IMBA Canada members only. Find general information about the policy online at

Q: My club is an IMBA Canada member, but I am not. Do I have to be an individual member of IMBA Canada to qualify?

A: No.

Q: If I am not an IMBA Canada club member or IMBA Canada individual member, can I buy this insurance?

A: Yes. But if you are interested in the competitive event coverage, then you will need to be an IMBA Canada club member or IMBA Canada individual member. IMBA Canada Club members also receive a discounted rate for the noncompetitive coverage.

Q: What is involved in getting a quote and how do I apply?

A: You can visit the website, where both a quote and policy can be obtained, OR look under the broker directory and visit one of the local brokers in your area.

Q: On the website you list brokers who may be in my town. As an IMBA member do I contact them directly or do I need to go through Oasis directly?

A: You can purchase from a broker or direct from the site; it’s whatever you feel more comfortable with.

Q: The insurance application is asking for my membership # – What is this? Where can I find it?

A: If you joined IMBA Canada directly then your membership number is the one you’ll need. If have joined an IMBA Canada Affiliate Club, then the club’s affiliate membership number is the one you’ll use. You can find your personal membership number on the card you received in the mail, or by checking your account on Questions? Contact us.

Q: My bike cost me $25,000, is there a limit to the value of bike that the policy will insure?

A: No. If your unit is over $20,000 a manual application will need to be filled out and submitted to OASIS Insurance for a quote, or you can visit one of brokers who can assist you as well. The manual application can be found under ‘forms’ on the Pedal Power website.

Q: If all the racers have UCI licenses, does our club still need race insurance through Oasis?

A: Yes. Since the club hosting the competitive event needs some sort of insurance to protect themselves.

Q: How much is race coverage?

A: It varies upon what type of coverage you wish to purchase. Please use the 'Get a Quote Online' tool on the website, or visit a broker in your area.