Why You Should Visit MTBProject.com

November 3, 2014 -- MTB Project and IMBA are working hard at adding Canadian trails to MTB Project.com, and are happy to announce that the site now has metric functionality!

The free website has amassed more than 7,800 trails and rides totaling over 46,000km, each with detailed descriptions, photos, and quality ratings. But with competitive websites also showing up online, you might be asking what makes MTBProject.com unique? Here are just a few of the reasons you should make MTBProject.com your trusted online trail resource:

  • MTBProject.com prides itself in having extremely high quality content -- It is the ONLY site where every single trail is reviewed by three members.  Additionally, the photos are all rated by users so that the highest quality ones bubble to the top.
  • MTB Project supports clubs! The website provides a logo on the trail pages for the local clubs/chapters, and that logo clicks to a landing page that can be edited by the club.  You can link to your own site and describe your club’s mission on that landing page.
  • The site and mobile app is completely free to the end user and will stay that way.
  • It is growing very fast.  MTBProject.com pages often rank very high in google searches - as a result, it's becoming the trusted resource for MTB trail info.  Getting your trails on MTB Project ensures that people will find quality riding in your area, choose the right trails for them, enjoy their experience, and support you in the future.
  • The developers are a small team working on this full time.  They built a passionate community of 2.5 million rock climbers with www.mountainproject.com, and they’ll surpass that number with MTB Project within about a year.  They are fully dedicated to this: Their philosophy is to build the best resource possible, grow a large community of users, and worry about monetization later.
  • There are other trail sites out there, and some of the newer ones have copied functionality from us directly.  But copying only gets you part way there.  The developers think about these sites daily, and are constantly adding new features to support the community.
  • MTB Project works very closely with IMBA, and has got IMBA's full support to make this the most trusted MTB trail resource in the world.  Leslie Kehmeier, in the IMBA U.S. office, and two interns are dedicated to the project.

IMBA Canada supports the MTB Project initiative and wants to help generate more Canadian trail content online. Visit MTBProject.com and find out how you can help add more Canadian trails to the map!

Lora Woolner
IMBA Canada Director
lora [dot] woolner [at] imba [dot] com
1-855-255-4095, ext. 101