Changing of the guard for IMBA’s Quebec Regional Coordinator

For Immediate Release: 10-06-10
Contact: Rachael Raven
IMBA Canada Communications Coordinator
rachael [dot] raven [at] imba [dot] com

Since 2006 Jérôme Pelland has been the face of IMBA Canada in Quebec – Helping to achieve IMBA’s mission to create, enhance and preserve trail opportunities la belle province.

Co-founder of the ASDVMQ (Association pour le Développement des Sentiers de Vélo de Montagne au Québec), Quebec’s trail advocacy organization, and co-author of Guide d’Aménagement des Sentiers de Vélo de Montagne, Jérôme has left a strong legacy of mountain bike leadership behind him.

Over the past five years, he has been involved in hosting several IMBA Trail Care Crew visits, educating more than 400 people about sustainable trailbuilding, and has worked on more than 100 trail projects, including Circuits Frontières (East-Hereford), Sentiers du Moulin and Vallée Bras du Nord. Jérôme assisted in the development of Bunny Hop, a collective that is working to get mountain biking officially recognized in Montreal.

All of his trails involvement positioned Jérôme to start up his own trailbuilding company last year, Sentiers Boréals, which gained recognition as provincial finalist in the new business category at the 2010 Quebec Entrepreneurship Contest.

“We will miss Jérôme‘s passion and commitment on the IMBA Canada staff team,” says IMBA Canada Executive Director Lora Woolner. “But we know that he will continue to have a positive impact on the mountain bike and trails community through his new company. We all wish Jerome the greatest success with Sentiers Boréals, and look forward to working with him on trail projects in the future.”

Taking over as IMBA Canada’s Quebec Regional Coordinator will be fellow ADSVMQ director, Eric Leonard. Co-author of "Guide d'Aménagement des Sentiers de Vélo de Montagne," Eric has worked closely with Jérôme on numerous projects, including Bunny Hop and the provincial trail directory at A Montreal native, Eric works as an active transportation planner to help grow cycling and walking opportunities in many municipalities in Quebec.

More about the Regional Office Program

IMBA Canada currently employs three Regional Coordinators in Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia. The program, which is supported in part by a generous grant from Mountain Equipment Co-op, seeks to build club capacity, create critical mass, and expand mountain bikers’ influence on public policy at the provincial/regional level.

Each part-time Coordinator is responsible for achieving the following goals for mountain biking in their region: convenient access to appealing trails, trailbuilding expertise, a positive image, and political influence. As of Fall 2010, Coordinators in Ontario and British Columbia are also responsible for heading the Regional Leadership Advisory Council (RLAC) program.

Get more information on the Regional Office program and Regional Coordinators here. More information on Sentiers Boréals can be found at