Parks Canada releases two reports on mountain biking

For immediate release: 08-16-10
Contact: Rachael Raven
IMBA Canada Communications Coordinator 
rachael [dot] raven [at] imba [dot] com

Parks Canada has recently released two reports on mountain biking in Canada.  The first, a literature review conducted by the Miistakis Institute, looks at the ecological effects of the sport. The second study, performed by Corporate Research Associates, reports findings on a market profile of mountain biking.  Copies of the studies can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

More About Parks Canada & IMBA Canada

Parks Canada is government agency responsible for managing Canada’s National Parks, National Historic Sites, and National Marine Conservation Areas. As of 2010, Parks Canada is a national partner of IMBA Canada, and program supporter of the IMBA Canada Trail Care Crew.

Download the studies:

Photo courtesy of Parks Canada