Changes to basic membership dues

As of March 1st, 2012, basic membership costs for individuals and clubs will be increasing in order to reflect IMBA's international averages.

Unchanged since 2005, IMBA Canada's individual 'basic membership' will increase to $35, and 'supporting membership' will rise to $50, to cover the growing costs of premiums and benefits. Clubs with fewer than 100 members will now pay $75 per year, while clubs with over 100 members will pay $150 – better reflecting the value received through club affiliation.

"We've made the mistake of undervaluing the benefits we provide to our members, especially our clubs, and now we are facing the fact that IMBA Canada's growth in programming and services has outpaced its resources," says executive director, Lora Woolner. "Our desire is to serve our members better and to have the financial resources in place to respond to the needs of Canadian mountain bikers. Increasing the basic dues levels will help put us back on track so that we can leverage new opportunities for growth."

This is the first time that IMBA Canada has increased member dues, and is necessary to reflect inflation, and to support enhanced benefits offered to IMBA Canada members – including a growing suite of insurance solutions for clubs and individuals, the Subaru VIP Program, Canadian specific resources (like the website and newsletter), and the free visits offered by the Trail Care Crew program. IMBA Canada also plans to use increased revenues to invest in increased customer service and membership benefits.

The dues increase is part of a larger plan to build capacity nationwide, which includes the introduction of the IMBA Chapter Program to Canada. Ontario clubs will be invited to pilot the program this year, with national roll-out in 2013. For more information, contact us.

The changes in pricing will take effect March 1st, 2012 on the website.


For immediate release:02-29-2012
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