Kids events planned at Waterton Lakes National Park and other locations across Canada

In the coming weeks, cyclists across Canada will be celebrating IMBA's International Take A Kid Mountain Bike Day – an event which aims to introduce kids to the sport of mountain biking.

Hosted by IMBA affiliate clubs and retailers, Parks Canada sites and other community groups, events range from small group rides to large community festivals. Most festivities will take place on the official day – Saturday, October, 6th – but some events are scheduled in advance to take advantage of warmer weather.

At Waterton Lakes National Park, in southern Alberta, Take A Kid Day is being celebrated alongside the "Red Rock Ride" which closes vehicular traffic along the Red Rock Caynon on September 29th.

Specialized is also taking part in the celebrations, with more than 20 dealers hosting events.

It's our goal to get as many kids riding bikes as possible! Find an event in your community and bring your family, or help out at an event.

More about Take A Kid Mountain Bike Day

October 2012 marks the eighth annual celebration of Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day, an event which has put more than 43,000 kids and adults on bicycles worldwide. Organized by the International Mountain Bicycling Association, the event takes place on the first Saturday of every October.

Last year, Canadian events – which boasted group rides, skills clinics, bouncy castles, and BBQs-- attracted almost 1,500 participants. Internationally, events were held in Australia, Italy, Germany, Japan, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Established in 2004, Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day challenges adults and biking clubs to introduce kids to the sport of cycling. The event celebrates the life of Jack Doub, an avid teenage mountain biker from North Carolina who passed away in 2002.


For Immediate Release: 09-25-12
Contact: Deanne Lazaruk