Important notice to clubs participating in IMBA Canada's insurance program

Victoria, BC - June 22, 2015 - In a recent review of IMBA Canada's insurance program participants, it has come to our attention that several clubs' memberships have expired, thereby rendering their organization's insurance invalid.

One of the requirements by our insurer is that affiliate member clubs have a current IMBA Canada membership.

While we are making every attempt to contact those clubs whose insurance is in jeopardy, we urge all clubs to check their membership status to ensure continued access to insurance, and to protect their group from a gap in coverage. Expired clubs will be given 30 days to renew.

Additionally, we are asking clubs to please ensure that your membership level ($75 for under 100 members, or $150 for over 100 members) accurately reflects your club's roster when renewing your club's membership with us each year. The intent of the insurance policy is to protect all of your club's members should there be an incident, and your membership must account for all members.

Information about IMBA Canada's insurance program can be found here, but please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions about your club's membership or participation in IMBA Canada's various insurance policies.

Thank you in advance for reading this important notice.


James Brown
Insurance Program & BC Volunteer Regional Coordinator
1-855-255-4095 ext. 106