IMBA U.S. launches certification program for MTB skills instructors

IMBA is pleased to announce the launch of the Instructor Certification Program (ICP). It offers professional training and certification for individuals who lead group rides or teach mountain bike skills clinics. With the ICP, IMBA aims to establish a global standard for mountain bike skills instructor training.

In January 2013, IMBA purchased the rights to the International Mountain Bike Instructor Certification (IMIC) from Shaums March, a two-time masters world champion in downhill racing. March joined the IMBA staff in developing the program curriculum and will serve as the ICP’s lead instructor trainer.

Tammy Donahugh, a longtime IMBA staff member, professional mountain biker and certified skills instructor, will manage the ICP. Courses are planned for every region of the U.S., Canada and worldwide, with sessions already scheduled in Arizona, Japan and the United Kingdom. IMBA ICP offers three levels of certification, each requiring IMBA membership.

  • Level 1, Ride Guide: A one-day course that certifies an individual to lead group rides with a high level of competence.
  • Level 2, Basic Skills Instructor: A three-day course that certifies an individual to teach basic mountain bike skills. Skills covered include body position, braking, shifting, climbing, cornering and more.
  • Level 3, Advanced Skills Instructor: A four-day course that certifies an individual to teach advanced mountain bike skills. Skills covered include wheel lifts, steep descents, bunny hops, drops, jumps and more.

Registration is open for the first ICP course. It will be held in Phoenix, AZ, Feb. 21-24 and offer level 2 basic skills instructor certification. Participants must be IMBA members, have basic First Aid and five or more years of mountain biking experience.

“The ICP is an important addition to IMBA’s global support of mountain biking,” said Mike Van Abel, IMBA Executive Director. “It will bring new relevance to IMBA and its chapters. IMBA creates and protects the places where people ride mountain bikes — now we can also help advance riders’ abilities.”

“I am very proud and excited to be working with IMBA to turn this program into a worldwide standard for mountain bike instruction,” said March. “I wanted to be a part of IMBA because the work will be for the greater good. I’m excited to get back to what I love, which is working with students. I had to put that aside for the last year and a half. But thanks to the partnership with IMBA, I can get back to teaching and turning my ideas on.”

The initial phase of the ICP launch calls for at least 100 instructors and 50 ride guides to gain certification in 2013. IMBA expects steady growth as it develops additional instructor trainers and expands the bandwidth of the program. With IMBA members in all 50 U.S. states, every Canadian province and 30 countries worldwide, IMBA is well positioned to help mountain bikers around the globe enhance their abilities and riding experiences by certifying skills instructors.

Questions or to request a course near you: icp [at] imba [dot] com


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