IMBA Reveals ‘Trail Love,’ New Print and Electronic Ad Campaign

For Immediate Release 7-20-2011

Contact: Mark Eller
IMBA USA Communications Director
markeller [at] imba [dot] com
303-545-9011 ext. 115

IMBA recently rolled out a new print and electronic advertising campaign, with multiple new ads available for placement in a variety of media outlets.

The ads quickly attracted the interest of Media Post News.

“We’re calling this campaign “Trail Love,’” said Mark Eller, IMBA’s communications director. “The ads feature an engaging collage of photography and hand-drawn sketches to give viewers multiple entry points — they’ve got a organic feel to them that reflects the grassroots nature of IMBA and its network of chapters and clubs.”

Denver-based Cultivator Advertising and Design conceived and executed the campaign. Scott Coe co-directed the account, working closely with IMBA staff to develop a replacement for the previous “You Belong With IMBA” ad campaign. "The campaign really focuses on the cause-related message for the association, celebrating our trails and everything IMBA does to protect, create and sustain them. We're collectively raising our glasses and toasting all the endless miles of trails out there that give us so much enjoyment," said Coe.

IMBA previously worked with the Minnesota-based advertising firm Carmichael Lynch on several campaigns, including a re-branding effort that introduced IMBA’s still-current chain link logo and iconography. “Those core branding materials still have a lot of life in them,” said Eller. “The new ads incorporate our icons and logos, while moving the creative content in a new direction.”

Look for the new IMBA ads to appear in endemic and non-endemic media — including print magazines and websites this summer. “IMBA’s corporate supporters, especially our many media partners, have always been very generous in helping us place IMBA’s ads,” said Eller. “I look forward to upcoming conversations about how we can get the Trail Love materials in front of as many eyeballs as possible.”

Interested in featuring IMBA’s ads on your Canadian company’s website or print materials? Please contact IMBA Canada's Communications Coordinator Rachael Raven via phone at (613) 301-8098 or by email ar rachael.raven[at]