IMBA clubs and chapters contribute more than 700,000 volunteer hours anually

A recent survey of IMBA’s chapters and clubs about their volunteer-based activities documents an impressive record of pubic service. A total of 143 IMBA-affiliated organizations provided data about their activities for the survey, representing 19.1 percent of IMBA’s 750 local groups.

Based on these data, we estimate that the total population of 750 chapters/clubs:

  • Conducts 3,303 projects and sponsors 4,383 events
  • Builds/maintains 23,014.5 miles of trail
  • Inspires 48,470 volunteers (41,883 adults and 6,587 youth)
  • Facilitates 707,102 volunteer hours (664,907 adult and 42,195 youth)

"This deep level of commitment and volunteer stewardship on public lands is hard-wired into our members,” said IMBA Executive Director Mike Van Abel. “I don't take that for granted and can not thank our members,chapters and clubs enough."

Survey respondents were divided into three categories: small (under 50 volunteers), medium (50-100 volunteers) and large (more than 100 volunteers). Based on that info, most of IMBA’s chapters/clubs make significant contributions to their communities on an annual basis. A typical IMBA-affiliated group:

  • Conducts 4 projects and sponsors 5 community events
  • Builds/maintains 20 miles of trail
  • Has 48 volunteers (40 adults and 8 youth)
  • Responsible for 640 volunteer hours (600 adult and 40 youth)

With volunteer efforts in 2011 assigned a value of $21.79 per hour, the dollar figure associated with these efforts represents a contribution worth more than $15 million to public lands around the world.

Recreational Equipment Incorporated (REI) supports IMBA as a corporate member at the above and beyond level. “We launched the REI/IMBA Teaming for Trails Initiative in 2009 to support and enhance the volunteer stewardship that is the hallmark of the IMBA network,” said Rich Cook, IMBA’s development director. “REI has been an invaluable supporter of this and other initiatives, urging IMBA affiliates to connect with REI stores and increase their volunteerism on our public lands.”

Another IMBA corporate member, Leisure Trends Group, helped analyze the chapter/club survey data. “We are proud to partner with IMBA on this study,” states Charlie Cooper, President of LTG. “As an organization we are fully behind IMBA’s mission to create, enhance and preserve great mountain biking experiences. This study highlights the tremendous, positive impact IMBA and its affiliated organizations are having on local communities and the outdoor industry.”

See the following PDF file for an executive summary and explanation of survey methodology provided by Lesiure Trends Group.


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