IMBA announces dynamic speaking session for World Summit gathering

IMBA is excited to announce that a dynamic keynote address, with multiple speakers giving presentations on topics of interest to mountain bikers, has been slated for the IMBA World Summit in Santa Fe, New Mexico. “IMBAx: A Few Great Ideas — Fast!” will showcase big ideas in a concise, fast-paced forum.

Innovative thinkers in the world of mountain biking will challenge the audience to think bigger about how to grow mountain biking worldwide. More than 60 speakers competed for the slots, each only five minutes long. In addition to the speakers, IMBAx will feature special videos and performances.

“IMBA World Summits are known for their creativity, surprise announcements and for bringing in some of the best speakers in the world of cycling,” said IMBA Executive Director Mike Van Abel. “The IMBAx format will entertain and inform our delegates — it’s sure to get the creative juices flowing!”

TEDx® and Ignite® are two presentation styles that offer a new take on the traditional conference format. IMBAx is a combination of these two formats and will encourage audience questions, participation and continuing online discussion. Learn more about the speakers and their topics below:

Shannon Galpin: Mountain Biking in A War Zone

Galpin founded the non-profit Mountain2Mountain in 2006 to help improve education for and end violence against women in Afghanistan. Utilizing the bike as a vehicle for social justice, cultural exchange and self-determination both abroad and at home, she became the first woman to mountain bike in Afghanistan, a country where the cultural norms do not allow women to ride bikes. In 2010, she became the first person to ride across Afghanistan’s Panjshir Valley. Galpin has been featured on Dateline NBC, the Today Show, the Huffington Post, Outside magazine, and is the subject of the new “MoveShake” documentary film series.

Mike McCormack: Wilderness B: The Power of Social Media to Create a MTB Movement

McCormack is a professional public relations executive and a long-time Colorado race promoter. He's also a respected advocate with experience bringing the conservation and recreation movements together. Three years ago, he started the Wilderness B Facebook page, and saw it quickly grow to more than 4,000 supporters who want to learn more about bike-friendly forms of land protection. Hear about how mountain bikers can leverage their significant power and presence within the social media landscape to effect real change by using the concept of 60-second advocacy.

David Zimberoff: A Twist on Innovation

Challenging the status quo fuels innovation. In his talk, Zimberoff will illustrate how the commonplace becomes obsolete, and how the new and exciting become yesterday’s lunch. Zimberoff is the global marketing director for SRAM, one of IMBA's top-level sponsors, working at the company's headquarters in Chicago. He founded SRAM’s industrial design department in 1995, and eventually took over all aspects of brand imaging and marketing. He has served on numerous cycling-related boards, most recently the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation, and is currently an active member of IMBA's governing board of directors.

Darco Cazin: The History of the Alps Shows Us the Future

More than a century ago, a few visionary individuals laid a foundation for sustainable tourism, long-term economic development and cultural revival in the Swiss Alps. Raising living standards to levels unimaginable 100 years ago, the residents of the once-poor villages and remote valleys have benefited greatly. Among those residents is Cazin, founder of Allegra Tourismus and a biking tourism consultant to hotels, lift companies and tourism organizations. He argues that mountain bikers can be those visionaries today — an effort that is desperately needed. As we build riding destinations for healthy recreation, we are laying the foundation for the next century of healthy economies.

Brett Shoffner: Build. Sustainable. Communities.

Tackling multi-layered environmental problems of water quality, soil pollutants and air quality — alongside human issues like community health, connectivity to the outdoors and poverty — urban designers seek to reshape American cities. A student at the University of Missouri (Kansas City), and a Roanoke Park Trail Steward, Shoffner illustrates how mountain biking can be a force for urban renewal and ecological restoration. Learn how our mountain biking movement can work alongside planners and architects to build sustainable communities through the development of great trails in forgotten spaces.

Morgan Lommele: Get Your Club Out of the Dirt

Mountain biking advocacy organizations have the potential to bring in millions of dollars of revenue to their communities by directly improving public recreation infrastructures. This is the paradigm shift in mountain bike advocacy: Organizations need to think less about dirt and more about creating a community of skilled advocates who build relationships, promote conservation, influence decision makers and fundraise for large-scale projects. Lommele is a former Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew and spent 30 months working in 43 states with over 100 trail advocacy organizations.



About the IMBA World Summit

The sixth biennial IMBA World Summit, Oct. 10-13 in Santa Fe, NM, is a unique educational forum providing a chance to share ideas and learn about sustainable trail design, conservation, bicycle tourism and economic development, trail advocacy and public lands policy. The event will offer classes, clinics and workshops, great riding on world-class trails, and structured and unstructured professional networking. If it can be done on a mountain bike, it will be discussed at the summit.


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