Happy New Year! 2016 IMBA Canada Update

Happy New Year! As another year begins, we want to take this opportunity to update you on IMBA Canada’s progress in 2015, and to thank you for your support.

Looking back on 2015 -

2015 was a year of rejuvination for IMBA Canada. Not only did 2015 mark IMBA Canada's 10th Anniversary, it marked the beginning of a new organization, independent from IMBA USA -- With a new mission and strategic direction.

Our new mission (revised April 2015):

To ensure Canada is home to a strong and vibrant mountain biking community, riding a   
world-class network of mountain bike trails.

With your enthusiastic support, we have examined our position as the national advocacy body for mountain bicycling, and have put plans in place to strengthen our Canadian identity and mandate -- All the while, delivering and improving on the programs you have come to love!

Here are some of the highlights of what your money has helped to accomplish:

  • 2015 was the sixth full year of the IMBA Canada Trail Care Crew program, which puts trail experts on the ground to teach mountain bike clubs and land managers about sustainable trail design, construction and management. Workshops took place in 18 communities across Canada, including five of Canada’s National Parks -- And on top of this, 345km of trail were assessed and 700 hours spent on trail work.  These services are offered free of charge, supported by IMBA Canada’s partners and members.
  • IMBA Canada was also present at several events and festivals in 2015, including the Toronto International Bike Show, the Canmore 24 Hrs of Adrenalin, MEC Bike and Snow Fests, the BC Mountain Bike Tourism Symposium and a variety of smaller events and races.
  • We represented Canada at the 4th Annual Global Fat Bike Summit in Jackson Hole, WY, where best practices for fat biking access and development were shared by industry members and advocates from around the world.
  • We partnered with Trailforks.com in Canada to offer the best trail management and mapping platform for trail associations, builders and riders in Canada.
  • IMBA Canada’s Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day saw a 15% increase in participation, with 38 events Canada-wide and nearly 1,800 kids on bikes! And, thanks to help from provincial partner Velo Quebec, our online kids resources were made available in French.

In addition to this, IMBA Canada continued to provide affordable insurance to mountain bike clubs nation-wide, maintain high level advocacy and national outreach, and support local mountain bike clubs with resources and coaching -- for everything from signing agreements for land access, to advocating for mountain bike acceptance.

Looking ahead -- 2016 and Beyond

We've succeeded in restructuring IMBA Canada to become a stand-alone organization with a renewed Canadian mandate, and soon you'll see the results of all the behind-the-scenes planning reflected in our programs, communications, and the work of the Canadian mountain bike community.

Here is just a sampling of what we've got in store:

  • We will expand our youth programs and outreach in partnership with Sprockids.
  • To better connect our national level advocacy with grassroots efforts, we will pilot a new provincial structure to empower the mountain bike community at the regional level.
  • We will evolve the IMBA Canada Trail Care Crew program to provide more than just trail support and education -- providing new resources for mountain bikers across Canada.
  • We will activate the Canadian mountain bike industry -- engaging them in a conversation about their role in national mountain bike advocacy.

And all of this to support our mission of strengthening the Canadian mountain bike community.

Will you help?

Our immediate need is for financial support to get us started. Please help by making a generous one-time gift today, to launch us into a strong 2016.

Thank you in advance, and here's to another great decade of mountain biking in Canada!

Lora Woolner, IMBA Canada Director

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P.P.S. If you have already given to IMBA Canada's Annual Fund - Thank you!