Action Alert: Ingolf trails in Northern Ontario under threat of clear-cutting

For immediate release: 07-07-11
Contact: Rachael Raven
IMBA Canada Communications Coordinator

Gord's Bike Club, an IMBA Canada affiliate, is requesting riders in Northwest Ontario and Southern Manitoba to help protect the Ingolf trails from threat of clear-cutting.

Here's a message from Club president Jean-François Ravenelle.

"Our beloved "Ingolf", a gorgeous trail network like no other is under the real threat of clear-cutting!

Please spread the word... But most importantly, join us this Sunday July 10th at Ingolf. Let's show the logging company that we want these trails to survive and that we need buffer zones to protect the trail network. We'll be meeting with the company doing the proposed clear-cut. We need help getting through to the MNR to prevent this devastating decision to delete one of North West Ontario's most famous trails!

Please pass this along to other shops, buddies and such. We're meeting at the Westhawk Esso at 10:00am, We'll meet with the representatives from the logging company at 10:30 and we'll be holding a group ride starting at or usual start site before the townsite of Ingolf. This ride is open to all!

Present and on-site will be staff from Gord's Ski and Bike, representatives from Gord's Bike Club, concerned cottagers, media representatives from The Winnipeg Free Press and The Winnipeg Sun as well as folks from Kenora and beyond.

For more information, contact Jean-François at JF[at]