Forest Lea Enduro 2012 on September 16

The Forest Lea mountain bike trails are developed and maintained by volunteer riders in the Ottawa Valley including members of the Ottawa Valley Mountain Bike Association (OVMBA), which is a not-for-profit trail riding, development, and advocacy group comprised of enthusiastic Valley mountain bikers.

The Event:

The Forest Lea Trails are becoming widely recognized as the best technical singletrack system  in Eastern Ontario. The FL Enduro is a trail focussed fundraising event to celebrate the Forest Lea Trails and raise money for maintenance and development. Last year's event purchased new trail signs and a brush saw, which has been put to good use this year by our trail stewards.

Mountain bike 10, 28k (one big loop) or 55km (two laps). Kids will have a 3k ride later in the morning.Trail runners have the option of 3, 10 or 28 k. 99% singletrack trails with lots of rocks and roots. All routes start with a double track section to spread out the group, and then spend the rest of the time in the tight trails. The route will be different this year with a 3k start loop before heading out, and will include a brand new 1.3 km section of trail. Since last year's enduro, 4.5 km of new trail has been added to the system.

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