IMBA Canada Trail Building School Request


Register your club or community for an IMBA Canada Trail Building School for the 2018 season!!

Bike clubs, local trail groups, outdoor education/rec. programs and land management agencies are invited to apply for one of our comprehensive workshops that provide detailed theory and practical trails training. Active organizations should not miss this opportunity to learn about sustainable trail building and design, club growth, and community trails development. Our workshops will provide detailed theory and practical hands-on trails based training that will help your community and their trail offer.

There are many different styles of workshop available to your club or organization including; 

IMBA Trail Building School - This is the workshop made famous by the Trail Care Crew! This weekend course provides a great introduction to all things Sustainable Trails; the Essential Elements, Design and Construction Techniques and more. It focuses on providing great theoretical and practical trails training with all information and technques being learned in-class before accomplishing a trail project in the field. 

Advanced Trails Training -  This is for clubs or communities that may have already had a previous IMBA Canada visit or prior trails training. It takes the classic Trail Building School to the next level by providing more in-depth training and techniques both in class and in the field. 

Trail Assessment Workshops - This workshop provides leading edge training in-class and in the field on current trail assessment and reporting techniques and standards. 

Winter Trails and Fat Biking - This is our newset workshop offered to clubs nd communities in the winter for winter trails training, design and fat biking expertise. Let us help you put your community and trails on the map as a winter detination!

and MORE!! 

Please fill out the webform below and we will be happy to gget in touch and add your community or organization to our list of 2018 visits! If you are unsure of the style or type of workshop you are looking for, that is fine, the more detail provided in the application will help us cater our services to your organization and communities needs. 

For more information or for any questions, please contact: Justin Truelovejustin [dot] truelove [at] imbacanada [dot] com or fill out an application below and we will be in touch!!


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