Meet the IMBA Canada Trail Care Crew

AJ Strawson and Rachael Raven

AJ and Rachael have backgrounds in Geographic Information Systems, and communications (respectively), and love everything about trails and two-wheeled adventures. Rachael (B. Jour) has served as IMBA Canada's Communications Specialist since 2010, while AJ has a degree in Environmental Studies, and certificates in GIS and Sustainable Trails, from Fleming College. The couple loves bikes of all kinds, and are looking forward to spreading IMBA's gospel of trails.

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Note: As of Aug 1, 2013, Marty Caivano is no longer coodinating the Trail Care Crew program. If you have any questions about your event, please email the Crew directly at ajandrachael[at]

See the Trail Care Crew in action!

IMBA Trail Care Crew visit to Kingston, Ontario from IMBA Canada on Vimeo.

IMBA Canada's Trail Care Crew travels the country spreading the word about sustainable trails! Join us for a visit and learn about the art and science of trail building. Flim by Damian Bradley.