Phone and Address

IMBA Canada Office Phones:

Toll-free: 1-855-255-4095

IMBA Canada Office Mailing Address:

IMBA Canada
PO Box 23034
Kitchener, ON N2B 3V1

Staff Directory

Lora Woolner, Director - Operations, Development, Membership & Communications
lora.wooler[at]| 1-855-255-4095 ext. 101

Igor Hoogendoorn, Director - Field Programs and Consulting Services
igor.hoogendoorn[at] | 1-855-255-4095 ext. 108

Deanne Cote, Programs, Membership Administrator
deanne.cote[at] | 1-855-255-4095 ext. 103

James Brown, BC Volunteer Regional Coordinator
james.brown[at] | 1-855-255-4095 ext. 106

Eric Leonard, Quebec Volunteer Regional Coordinator
eric.leonard[at] | 1-855-255-4095 ext. 109

Staff Bios

Lora Woolner, Director - Operations, Development, Membership & Communications

Lora brings a depth of knowledge and experience to the position of Executive Director from advocacy and fundraising to volunteer development and association management. Lora began her involvement with IMBA in the late 90’s when she worked as the Mountain Bike Coordinator for Conservation Halton in Ontario; a position, which she held for 4 years. In 2002 Lora joined IMBA as part of the Subaru / IMBA Trail Care Crew where she and her husband Mark Schmidt lead more than 75 IMBA Trailbuilding Schools. After 3 years of traveling around North America, Lora and Mark took their passion for trails back home, where they opened IMBA’s Canadian office in 2004. In addition to improving mountain bike opportunities through the work of IMBA Canada, Lora has experience teaching at Capilano University's Mountain Bike Operations Program, as a lead instructor in the Park and Trail Design and Event Management courses. Lora enjoys mountain biking and running, and spends most of her time exploring the world with her husband and three little girls. She is based out of the IMBA Canada office in Kitchener, Ontario. + Follow Lora's Blog

Igor Hoogendoorn, Director - Field Programs and Consulting Services

Igor started riding one of the earliest renditions of the modern mountain bike in the mid 1980’s and has been impassioned ever since. As a member of the Guelph Off-Road Bicycling Association (GORBA) for over a decade, he decided to accept the position of Trail Maintenance Supervisor with GORBA in 2006. At the same time, Igor worked as the Mountain Bike Coordinator at Conservation Halton for 2 years, helped to organize the 2005 North Shore Credit Union World Mountain Bike Festival and Conference, the Ontario IMBA Summit in 2009, and the 2011 Mountain Bike Ontario Trailblazing Festival. Igor is also an IMBA National Mountain Bike Patrol Instructor, in coordination with the GORBA NMBP. With a particular taste for coffee, his bikes barely outnumber the espresso machines in his collection.         + Follow Igor's Blog


Deanne Cote, Programs, Membership Administrator

Deanne has been involved in all aspects of mountain biking since her introduction to the sport in the late 90's. She's been involved with the development and instruction of kids and women's programs, putting on mountain bike races and festivals, officiating and racing. The first woman to graduate from Capilano University's Mountain Bike Operations program, Deanne has a true passion for developing trails. As part of Canada's first ever Trail Care Crew, Deanne traveled across Canada sharing her knowledge of trail and now resides in Victoria, BC. + Follow Deanne's Blog

James Brown, BC Volunteer Regional Coordinator

James was the first provincial rep to join the IMBA Canada staff in 2004. Although it was a volunteer position until 2008, he has participated in many advocacy initiatives to provide access opportunities and funding for mountain bicycling in British Columbia. James was also instrumental in setting up and enhancing the insurance program for IMBA Canada affiliate clubs. As a seasoned rider James enjoys hitting the trail no matter what the terrain. In his professional life he is a commercial photographer based in Victoria, BC. + Follow James' Blog

Eric Leonard, Quebec Volunteer Regional Coordinator

When the ADSVMQ (Quebec’s trail advocacy organization) was formed, Eric quickly got involved. He later co-authored the "Guide d'Aménagement des Sentiers de Vélo de Montagne," a book based on IMBA’s Trail Solutions and Managing Mountain Biking. As an active transportation planner, Eric works to help grow cycling and walking opportunities in many municipalities around the province. His vision of cycling doesn't focus to simply one type of user: Eric says he sees the opportunity for cycling to grow as a whole whenever two wheels and human power are involved! When he's not riding bikes, Eric can be found in mountains where the snow is deep. + Follow Eric's Blog