TAKMBD Fall Date Cancelled

Dear Community Partners,

It is with a heavy heart that we announce that we are cancelling our support of Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day events for the Fall 2016.

Our new Spring date in June was such a huge success, so big that it cleaned us out of everything that is included in the host kit; prizes, race plates, stickers and Clif bars. Despite our best efforts we were unable to secure funding in time to replenish the stock for our host kits for our community partners hosting events in October.

We appreciate your enthusiasm to get kids out on bikes in your community and hope that despite this setback that you move ahead with your event. Our sincere apologies that we are unable to send host kitd this fall, but we are optimistic that going forward we will be able to support TAKMBD events in bigger and better ways and hope that you will consider registering your events in 2017.

Thank you to everyone who hosted events in their communities in 2016 and to our sponsors for their support of our Spring edition; MEC, Clif Bar, Parks Canada and Sprockids.

See you in 2017!